What we are

The Earhart Club is a small group mission to help girls develop a healthy sense of self and to encourage authentic connections starting with their mothers and their friends.

Who we are

We are a community that encourages authenticity in our daughters by inspiring endless curiosity and practicing the skills required for genuine connection and fulfillment.

Why we are here

The Earhart Club is here to nurture girl’s sense of self at this critical age where a girls often lose their voices to the expectations of others. We are here to help inspire the natural power of human connection and inspire girls who will become women who lift each other up and have not just a voice, but their own voice. We are here to facilitate little forces for awesomeness with the passion and values to change the world!

Where we are

We are based in Louisville, Kentucky and are in the community, participating in Elementary Schools, Middle Schools, community centers, church organizations, outpatient centers and we have resources to serve isolated communities. If you want us in your school or group please contact us. We are reaching out to help your daughters become their best selves. We are anywhere across the USA and the world where girls having a voice must not just be an abstract concept and buzzword but a principle and practice.